"Equinox" - Eclipse Movie Trailer Spoof

Amy and Danny are struggling to to stay together do to Danny's "sparkly" condition. Meanwhile, another tries to convince Amy to be with him and destroy her relationship with Danny.


In second film of this daring action franchise Eve must gain control of her feelings and stop the evil Dr. Hathaway. Hathaway has outfitted Agent Stone with a bio-chemical weapon capable of destroying the feelings of an entire city! Eve must do whatever it takes to stop her… I mean whatever it takes! Stay tuned for info on the premiere…

Old Sun Trailer - New Moon/Twilight Spoof

After an unfortunate incident at a birthday party, Danny makes the decision to leave Amy. Amy discovers that if she does dangerous things that she can hear Danny. But while Danny is gone, will another take his place?

MidDay Trailer - Twilight Spoof

A love story between two unlikely, star-crossed lovers. One is mortal and the other is... well a little different... Can love overcome all, or will something get in the way?

KFMe - Trailer

Trailer to the highly anticipated short film KFMe. About a man who eats too much chicken and eventually turns into one.

Bionic Tears 2: "Feel This!"- Teaser Trailer

Bionic Tears- Trailer

This gripping, epic tale tells the story of a bionic clone that has learned to feel! She is perused by an elite task force that will stop at nothing to take her down. Our bionic heroine will face many challenges in her quest but her biggest challenge is her own feelings!

Coors Light Ad

We had a lot of Coors light and a snow beer pong table. This is the result

Sea Foam- The Aaron Olson Story

This is a fake trailer to my life.

UCSC Cross Country in SF

Wharf to Wharf 2007 - Central Coast Running Ad

See You Again - Music Video Bloopers

Behind the scenes from our music video shoot.

Dirty Deeds Trailer

Trailer to my short film Dirty Deeds. Check it out in the Movies section!

Time Corp

Really olf video I made for a project for speech class

Promo for Season Finale of The Lee and Aaron Show!

Some will live... some will die