3 Wishes

Choose your words carefully, and becareful what you wish for!


Eve must escape the clutches of the evil Dr. Hathaway. In doing so, she must do whatever it takes to stop this evil corporation from destroying the world.

This non-stop action sequel takes you from the sea to the sky while also diving into the past to give you a glimpse of how Dr. Hathaway became the woman she is today!

Bionic Tears*NEW*

This gripping, epic tale tells the story of a bionic clone that has learned to feel! She is pursued by an elite task force that will stop at nothing to take her down. Our bionic heroine will face many challenges in her quest but her biggest challenge is her own feelings!


What happens if your love for a certain food goes overboard? Well in Danny's case its chicken. He eats so much chicken, that he turns into one. Tom, Danny's best friend, witnesses his transformation and now must do everything he can to get him back!  Be sure to watch it full HD

The Beach House

Our submission to the 2007 MTV movie awards spoof contest. We spoofed The Lake House movie and the TV show To Catch a Predator.

Just My Luck

This was my first and only 16mm film that i made in college at SFSU. Digital is so much better!

The Black Donnely's - Season 2 Episode 1

Jason's Creek

Everything Lee Loves

Dirty Deeds - Part 1

This is a short film that I made without any script. I am surprised how well it came out for zero planning. Enjoy!

Dirty Deeds - Part 2

The Dream Within - Part 1

The Dream Within is a short film that I made in 2003 for a high school project. It is an interesting idea but looking back on it, i would do things a little different.

The Dream Within - Part 2